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Automated Garage Door Openers:

Opener for Sectional & Tilting Car Garage Doors

- Herculift SDO V8E, Elite Series
An updated model of SDO V8 that possesses all essential advanced features and reliability of the already highly successful SDO V8 model. SDO V8E uses LED lighting. instead of traditional light globes.  An independent travel counting system also makes opening and closing of a garage door more accurate. Requires less installation space and MORE

- Herculift SDO V10E, Elite Series

30% more powerful than the SDO V8E, and equipped with a 'highly intelligent' engineering system, significant reduction in door maintenance and servicing requirements.
Smooth operation. Robust, the best of the best chain drive motor.
The powerful 1000 Newton motor makes it the most powerful and robust opener in the residential motor category ­ suitable for extremely heavy and difficult doors.MORE

(For New Zealand Market after 2009)
Suitable for customers who prefer a value for money automatic opener that is not only just reliable , but  modern looks and available in Three Designer's Colours to choose from and

Mainly for sale to WA and  New Zealand markets

- Herculift SDO V8EU - for US Market only

Designed for customers seeking the extra safety and fully automatic adjustment and service alarm features for convenience, this is a door opener that is packed with additional features for a busy lifestyle and

Designed in Germany and for exporting to the European market only
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Opener for Rolling Doors

- Herculift RDO V10, Classic-

Drive unit and control box are integrated into one piece - an updated version of the RDO V8 of which over 300,000 units sold have been sold worldwide. Unique appearance possessing RDO V8's features to ensure reliability and simple to install feature and MORE
- Herculift RDO V12, Elite Series -

Slim yet Powerful - using the most reliable Mechanical Limit Setting (MLS) and powerful planetary gear drive system, this model features the most up to date technology – soft start/stop, LED lights for ease of use and smooth performance...exceptionally working well on old and difficult doors . andMORE

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Opener for Sliding Gates

- Herculift SGO 500, Value Series -

Control and Drive Gear is a 2-in-1 unique design, delivers all domestic gate needs, tough, reliable, secure, easy to install... and MORE

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