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HERCULIFT Access Technology Australia ("HERCULIFT") warrants that HERCULIFT automatic opener product ("Product") is free of any defect in workmanship or materials from the date of purchase from HERCULIFT or one of its approved authorised resellers only, subject to the warranty conditions set out below.

- for a period of TWO years for Herculift SDO V8, V8E, V10 and RDO V8, V10 openers;

- for a period of ONE year for Herculift SDO V6, SGO500 openers.

Herculift products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty Conditions:

1. This warranty will only be given where proof of original purchase receipt/tax invoice is provided and the return of the Product that is claimed to be defective to HERCULIFT or its approved authorised reseller from whom the product was purchased.

2. This warranty applies only to Products installed by HERCULIFT or its approved authorised reseller and installed and used strictly in accordance with the instructions in the owner's manual. The decision for repair or replacement of any part shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer. The instructions provided in the owner's manual cover information regarding installation, operation and maintenance of the Product. In the event that the Product is not installed by HERCULIFT or its authorised reseller, warranty shall cover only replacement of parts - all other associated and related expenses shall be borne by the purchaser. The Product must not be modified or changed in any way.

3. This warranty shall not apply and the manufacturer, reseller/distributor expressly exclude all or any liability for direct or consequential damage, loss, physical injury, claim or expense as a result of negligent handling, misuse, incorrect installation or installation not in accordance with the installation instructions, incorrect service and operation, not in accordance with the owner's manual.

4. Not designed or warranted for application of the Product that is not under the conditions or according to the specifications in the Owner's Manual. Warranty does not cover consumable items such as globes and batteries. Only One Year warranty for all transmitters.

5. HERCULIFT does not accept any responsibility or liability for any defect that are in its view, a result of accidents or incidents that are not within the control of the manufacturer, such as, but not limited to floods, lightning, faulty wiring that the Product is affixed to, radio (including citizen band transmissions) or any electronic interference, etc.

6. HERCULIFT reserves the right to modify designs and alter specifications of existing products without the obligation of applying the same modifications or alterations to products previously sold.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that any description, specification and other information in this publication are correct, no warranty is given in respect thereof and the company shall not be liable for any error therein.

Retain and File with your purchase receipt

Your purchase Receipt/tax invoice is proof of date of purchase and installation of the Product. You must be able to present it to HERCULIFT or its approved authorised reseller from where the product in order to obtain a replacement or service under warranty.

Note: This warranty statement applies to consumers under the Australian consumer law.


@Copyright of Herculift Access Technology (Australia) Pty. Limited
Australia Business Number 85 108 867 894